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Gallery exhibition 2023

"Dear Friend"

Presented by  SVA Galleries  "Topologies of Consumption". August 9 - 28, 2023

SVA FLATIRON GALLERY, 133/141 West 21st Street, 1st floor, New York

"Through potent imagery in painting, sculpture and video, the artists in this exhibition explore the myriad impacts of human consumption and environmental extraction, illuminating the relationships humans have with technology, the natural world and each other. Themes of climate, consumerism, desire and animal welfare urge collective responsibility for the repercussions of our consumption-driven culture."

I got the inspiration from the articles about abandoned dogs and animal abuses. Then, I decided to deliver the message through my illustration that all lives are important and need to be treated with more respect. Illustration is my way to deliver the story and raise awarness about the story that needs more attention. 

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